Current projects

OpenLLM-France (proposal 2023)

Open, clean and low-cost pretrained LLMs for French
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

LLM4all (2023-2027)

Continual learning of LLM with applications to meetings understanding and healthcare
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

xNLG (2020-2024)

IA national Chair
Contact: Claire Gardent

AIPROFICIENT (2020-2023)

Project funded by EU through the cordis program.
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

NL4XAI (2019-2024)

European initiative for Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence.
Contact: Claire Gardent

QUANTUM (2019-2023)

Project aiming at generating questions from texts where their answer is distributed in the text and where the words that make up the question are not necessarily present in that text.
Contact: Claire Gardent

GDR LIFT (2019-2023)

Research network gathering field, formal and computational linguists.
Contact: Claire Gardent

Past projects

PLM4all (2023-2024)

Scripts for training and using LLMs on Jean Zay
Contact: Claire Gardent Christophe Cerisara

OLKi (2018-2022)

Research network on Open Language and Knowledge for citizens
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

PIAF (2018-2021)

The PIAF Erasmus+ project aims at promoting computing science education within fundamental curricula by providing teachers with a referential of competencies together with actual learning activities and pedagogical scenarii.
Contact: Yannick Parmentier

PAPUD (2017-2021)

Profiling and Analysis Platform Using Deep Learning.
Contact: Samuel Cruz-Lara

METAL (2016-2020)

The METAL project aims at designing, developing and evaluating a set of monitoring tools for students or teachers (Learning Analytics), and technology for personalized learning of written languages (French grammar) and oral languages (pronunciation of living languages).
Contact: Claire Gardent

CPER LCHN (2015-2020)

Contrat de Plan Etat-Région Langues, Connaissances et Humanités Numériques.
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

ModelWriter (2014-2017)

The ModelWriter project is an ITEA funded project which aims to develop an integrated authoring environment combining Semantic Word Processing (= the ‘Writer’ part) with Knowledge Capture Tool (= the ‘Model’ part) solutions. In this project, we work on semantic analysis (from text to model) and natural language generation (from model to text).
Contact: Claire Gardent

WebNLG (2014-2017)

Funded by the French ANR, the WebNLG project aims to develop novel technologies for generating text from knowledge bases and linked data. The WebNLG partners are Synalp, LORIA/CNRS, Nancy (France), SRI, Stanford (USA) and KRDB Bolzano.
Contact: Claire Gardent

ContNomina (2013-2016)

Our role in the ContNomina project is to improve the performances of named entity recognition through the use of unsupervised structural learning.
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

ORFEO (2013-2016)

We participated in the ORFEO project (funded by ANR) in collaboration with the Parole team to build and process large French textual and speech resources that shall be made freely available. Our role is to process these resources with different NLP components.
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

ISTEX (2012-2018)

The ISTEX project is financially supported by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MESR) within the ‘Investments for the Future’ program. It exploits the largest collection of plain-text scientific collections bought so far in France to diffuse it to the French academic partners. We are processing it in particular with regard to diachronic topic tracking.
Contact: Claire Gardent

EMPATHIC (2012-2015)

The Empathic Products is an ITEA project, meant to develop applications that adapt to the intentional and emotional state of the user. Our role is to provide sentiment analysis and emotion detection services.
Contact: Samuel Cruz-Lara

ORTOLANG (2011-2019)

Our role in the ORTOLANG project is to process large corpora in French with syntactic and semantic tools. These corpora will be maintained in a stable state and diffused with a guarantee of at least 10 years.
Contact: Christophe Cerisara

Allegro (2010-2014)

The SYNALP (ex-TALARIS) project-team concentrated on the integration of NLP techniques and virtual worlds. The objective was to design immersive software prototypes, 3D games ‘that work like treasure hunts’.
Contact: Claire Gardent

Emospeech (2010-2014)

Within the Emospeech project, we developed the Emospeech Dialogue Toolkit, for supporting human-machine dialogues and data collection. For supporting data collection we allow a human, the Wizard of Oz to plug-in/out into the dialogue architecture. The Emospeech Dialogue Toolkit is a multi agent architecture for developing man/machine dialog systems in the context of a video game.
Contact: Claire Gardent