Corpus and interactions


OLKi is a federated data sharing and communication platform that implements the ActivityPub protocol.
Contact: Christophe CERISARA

TALN archives

Open archives containing papers presented at the TALN-RECITAL conferences since 2001. This work has been initiated by Florian Boudin in collaboration with the French Association for Natural Language Processing (ATALA).
Contact: Yannick PARMENTIER


taln2x (ex-taln2acl) turns papers collected via a conference management system (e.g. easychair) into proceedings in various formats (namely PDF with hyperlinks, ACL anthology, HAL, and TALN-archives).
Contact: Yannick PARMENTIER


Pytreeview is a Python treebank visualizer and explorer, described in this demo paper.
Contact: Yannick PARMENTIER



Baselines and evaluations scripts for the WebNLG+ Challenge.
Contact: Claire GARDENT


GenI is a surface realiser which generates from a flat semantic representation, the sentence(s) verbalising this semantics.
GenI was developed by Carlos Areces and Eric Kow under the supervision of Claire Gardent. It is now maintained by Eric Kow.
Contact: Claire GARDENT


Jeni is a port of GenI in Java realised by Alexandre Denis and Claire Gardent.
Contact: Claire GARDENT



XMG is a so-called MetaGrammar compiler written in Oz. It compiles a grammar description written in the XMG language into an actual electronic grammar. To learn more about XMG and XMG2 (its extension towards modular grammar development), see XMG2’s wiki.
Contact: Yannick PARMENTIER

XMG Extractor

XMG Extractor is a program which extracts classes from an XMG metagrammar, and represents them graphically.
Contact: Yannick Parmentier



JSafran (Java Syntaxico-semantic French Analyser) is a 100%-Java free open-source software for manual, semi-automatic and automatic syntactic dependency parsing in French. It supports other languages as well, but does only include French models.
Contact: Christophe CERISARA

Speech processing


JTrans is a software that is primarily designed to bring speech alignment (and by extension speech recognition) technology right to the user, and ready to use, in a GUI-rich 100% Java software.
Contact: Christophe CERISARA