Welcome to LLM4All

There are many powerful Large Language Models (LLM) beyond ChatGPT and Bard. We focus in this project on such open-source LLMs that:

  • Everyone, preferably with some GPU resources, can deploy in her/his own computers and control in much more depth than ChatGPT and Bard.
  • Will be finetuned to better handle human meetings and conversations (but no chatbots!), especially in French.
  • Will be incrementally updated with the last pieces of news, emerging lexicon, events.
  • Will be connected to the best speech recognition models (Whisper, MMS...) to handle in particular emergency calls in hospitals.


LLM4All is a project funded by the French ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche).


The consortium is composed of, in alphabetical order:

with a strong support from the Hugginface company on LLM training.


  • Start date: Oct 1st, 2023
  • Duration: 42 months

Companion projects

Work packages

Nb Leader Name
WP0 LORIA Project management
WP1 LORIA Fine-tuning, continual updating
WP2 LIX Low-cost LLMs
WP3 Linagora LLMs for spoken dialogue
WP4 AP-HP Boosting LLMs with other data
WP5 Linagora Communication, dissemination, exploitation


cerisara at loria dot fr

Kickoff meeting

PMT meetings

Our PMT meetings occur at 2PM on the first Thrusday of every month at URL https://jitsi.linagora.com/llm4all

  • 2nd November 2023
    • Discussion about progress in FT and CL of LLMs
    • Data Management Plan: the DMP is online here or from the top menu
    • TODO everyone (for mid-january): complete a first version by editing this markdown file or by sending me your updates by email
  • 7th December 2023
  • 11th January 2024